Tag: PWA
Progressive Web App
My personal portfolio V2, complete rebuild with Server Side Rendering using Quasar Framework, Steem Blockchain, Express and Node.js.
NFT Gecko is a web interface to manage CryptoCollectibles and ERC-721 tokens based on Ethereum blockchain.
FreeCodeCamp Explanation on Add to Homescreen
On FreeCodeCamp guide, there is a lack of documentation on progressive web app, so I decided to write a documentation based on my previous blog post on some topic about Progressive Web App (PWA).
Steem Web Wallet
Steem Web Wallet, also known as SWW in short. A Steem wallet that can be used on modern web browser, to do micro payment with ease. With SWW, all transaction are signed on the front end and there is no any backend server involved.
PWA Presentation
Presentation with a sample website on how Progressive Web App (PWA) works.
OpenDota Contribution
Making Open Dota into Progressive Web App!
My first ever Progressive Web App (PWA), in development I use React.js, Webpack; and in production, I use Preact.js; and it took me around 4 days to complete it.