Blockchain 😎
Blockchain is an exciting place! I get to use my skills in Front End, Back End and Dev Ops altogether at 1 place.

Most of the projects I had done with Blockchain are from the front end layer, but I am really interested into low level implementation of blockchain

It all started from Steem Blockchain and slowly I learn to build stuff around this technology. So far, I had played around a few blockchain project such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Steem.
NFT Gecko is a web interface to manage CryptoCollectibles and ERC-721 tokens based on Ethereum blockchain.
Brief Introduction to NFT
I gave a talk during Blockchain Developer meetup to show demo on how to get metadata from Ethereum Blockchain for ERC721 standard.
Script for Witness Price Feed Update using Coin Gecko Web Socket and API
CoinGecko XMAS NFT
My company CoinGecko build an ERC-721 standard base Non-Fungible Token (NFT), where I am responsible to build the Front End, this project took around 3 weeks time to complete and is build on top of ethereum blockchain.