Back End 🤖
Back End Development is where I do most of my hobby projects such as Discord Bots, Task Automation and Blockchain related. In this page, I will be showcasing some of the projects that I had done in the Back End part.
statbot v2
Complete rewrite of StatBot into Golang
Simple API Wrapper for CoinGecko API for Go.
Steem price feed that is used by witnesses, pulling price data from
statBot is a discord bot that query CryptoCurrency prices and some utility tools for Steem Blockchain related.
A discord bot for #teammalaysia steem community to do automation for curation and moderating.
Dockerize SteemHunt Backend
Steemhunt is a website build on top of steem blockchain that allows author to hunt for new and cool products. Since the backend server was written in Ruby on Rails, it requires front end contributors to know a little bit knowledge about ruby on rails in order to contribute. Other pain about using ruby is installation on Windows. Therefore, I decided to dockerize the back end Ruby On Rails server in order to help out the front end developers to work on front end web without hassle on setting up the back end.
A node server that build from scratch for storing certificate data into a Proof-Of-Work (POW) database.
A simple python script to automatically accept dota 2 game when ready.
Simple to do app build with Ruby On Rails
My personal portfolio written back in 2016, where I use Ruby On Rails, Postgres, Redis with Web Socket.